Hi, I’m Beth Sri and welcome to Born To Do This.Org!

As a wife and mother of 8, I know that the vocation of marriage and motherhood is not an easy one. But it is a gift, it is a call. It’s crazy messy, achingly beautful and just plain exhausting. And it stretches you…not only with undesirable stretch marks, but also in your soul and spirit.


St. Joan of Arc was a lowly maiden called by God to defeat the enemy on behalf of her country. She accepted the task, won the victory, suffered greatly, received her eternal reward and was declared a saint. We party in her honor every May 30!

We as Catholic wives and mothers have been called to this vocation, to this particular husband, to these particular children. Like St. Joan, we don’t know where it all will lead, and we know that it’s just plain hard to embrace it and daily trudge forward. And we, like St. Joan of Arc, we have been wounded and can get discouraged, feeling as though “I’m the only one struggling.” And like Joan, we are called to greatness and sainthood.

Sisters, I started this blog to explore some of these ideas and challenges and to bring us mamas together to ponder them. Will you join me?

Being a Catholic wife and mom today is HARD. Let’s go after this arm in arm and echo our friend Joan in proclaiming, “I am not afraid. I was born to do this!”